The Institute of Refractories Engineers is a non-profit international organisation whose entire income is applied solely to the promotion of the following aimss:

  • To foster and promote the skills and science of refractories engineering
  • To raise the standard of ability and training in this field of science and engineering
  • To promote and maintain the character, status and interest of members of the Institute
  • To disseminate information, facts, ideas, news or suggestions that may be of interest to members
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas and information among members to their benefit and to the benefit of the industries they serve

When the foundations of the Institute were established in November 1961, the precepts were that the organisation should be a focal point for engineers involved in the design, construction and maintenance of refractory linings, but that membership would be open to any individual who was in any way associated with refractory materials and their usage.

As a consequence, the Institute has developed over the years with a membership comprising a whole cross-section of personnel with backgrounds in refractories research and development, design, engineering, manufacturing and installation contracting; together with respective personnel in all end user industries.

It is the aim of the Australian branch of the IRE to give industry a unified focus to address the present situation, and help in the development of a local solution to the training problem.

For further background and information: Institute of Refractories Engineers (UK)