Election of Office Bearers

All members are invited to consider running for office, as the number of ‘active’ participants seems to be diminishing. If you wish to discuss what is involved in these positions, please feel free to call Greg Connor or Mike Walton. The positions of President and Vice-President run for two years, and it is the expectation that the VP will succeed the President when the terms expire.

Annual General meeting

The Australian branch AGM will be held on 31 march 2008, at 2pm EST to elect new office bearers, and confirm the financial results for the year. Due to the geographic spread of members, we will be holding this meeting by tele-conference from specific venues. At this stage we anticipate using locations in Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney/Wollongong, Perth, Whyalla and Brisbane.

Any member wishing to participate should contact Mike Walton or Alan Blanch for venue confirmation.

Note: only financial members can stand for office or vote during the meeting.

Election of Office bearers

The branch seeks nominations for Office Bearers for the year to 31 March 2009.

These include:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary/treasurer
  • Training co-ordinator
  • State representatives (2 per state preferred)

If you have an interest in being active in the institute, and believe you could spare the time to take on such a role please feel free to contact Mike Walton or Alan Blanch for a discussion on the relevant responsibilities. Note that being VP for the year has the expectation that you will be available for the post of President the following year. We view the Training co-ordinator role as of increasing importance, and the nominee should have some background, or at least a significant interest, in industrial training issues. We would seriously consider allowing this and the VP role to be merged in future, and nominees may like to keep this in mind for the 2009/10 year.

2009 Conference

We intend to hold the next conference in Sydney late October/early November, approximately 18 months from the last one. The date will be confirmed after discussions with the Novotel, and a scan to avoid any clashes with other events around that time.

The format will be as the last conference, a formal day of technical presentations, followed by a facilitated training day. The focus of both is now open for discussion and suggestions.

We also need one or two NSW based people to form a Conference Committee with Alan Blanch-any volunteers?